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A Mother’s Love – Poem

A Mother’s Love – by Teresa Dean Smeigh (2015)

Mother I feel your love

surrounding me now.

Is it my thoughts of you

that bring you forth to 

comfort me?

I still miss you, you know?

I miss our talks and your

great wisdom.

You were my best friend,

you brushed away my tears with

a gentle touch.

You helped me through 

the rough spots.

Mother I feel your love

surrounding me now.


Rude Bank Employee – (non-fiction)

Rude Bank Employee

I was seven or eight months pregnant K2 and I still worked. I worked at the base’s Officer’s Club as a waitress til around 7 months of pregnancy and then they put me as the hostess. Hard being on my feet, but since I was the hostess they brought me a stool to sit on in-between seating the customers.

The work week ended and I headed to the bank. I waited my turn in line and the rude bank cashier refused to cash my check. She said to me,” you have no right to take a job away from someone who needs it when you are pregnant!” I looked at her in shock. I might be pregnant, but I worked hard still. I was on my feet a lot and while waitressing it was even harder.

We finally had to get a manager out there for that woman to cash my pay check. Of all the nerve!


Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom in heaven.

In Memory of Janet Emberger Dean

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom in heaven.

By Teresa Dean Smeigh (2015)

You are sorely missed as you can see.

Your husband, other daughter and son, 

Grandchildren and great-grandchildren too,

Miss your smiling face as well.

You will forever be in our hearts,

Where a mother should always be!

And when our time comes,

We will be together again,

As a family!

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NewBorn Baby pees on birth (non-fiction)

I know I am jumping around with these stories and I am sorry, but I have to write them when my mind remembers them or I will forget again and they are coming out in no particular order. Also names are changed to protect the not so innocent except mine and this is my blog.



Baby K1 was conceived in Camp Lejeune off-base housing and was checked out by the obstetrician in our new duty stations MCAS, Cherry Point, NC. By then we finally had our own housing on base and for enlisted quarters it wasn’t all that bad.

The kitchen was crowded with having the washer and dryer in there, but that was where the hookups were. We had 2 bedrooms. The living room looked out over a nice shady walk and the back door was where we came in since the driveway was out there.

9 months finally comes around and we had a cat sleeping in the crib. We couldn’t keep him out of her crib. Nothing worked. We decided to worry about it later. I was starting to show signs of labor pains and we were running around like crazy. This was our first baby. It was the day before my now ex-hubby’s birthday. We figured she was going to be born on his birthday.

He went to work that day and I had to take our car in for repairs. They provided a driver back however they had to fight with the driver because he was refusing to drive with a pregnant, or should I say very pregnant woman who was having labor pains. Finally somebody took me home.

Overnight the pains got worse and we headed for the hospital. They checked me out and decided it was definitely not time yet and sent me home. I swore I wasn’t coming back. Yeah right!

Saturday morning my ex had to take the dogs to the vets, but didn’t want to leave me. I finally persuaded him to go as we had a CB radio in the car and a base at the house and if he was at the office I could just call  there. He came home and still nothing changed. I had been in labor over 24 hours and was getting anxious. Finally headed back to hospital. This time they decided to keep us and just had us walking the hall until I dilated. Finally they broke my water and put me in a bed.

The pains were getting worse and I refused anesthesia. I went natural childbirth for all 3 of my children. I finally pushed her out and the doctor roared “she peed on me.!” The nurse is like,” the baby or the mother?” He said the baby. He handed them a soggy mess and continued to stitch me up by giving me a local during the pain. He stitched me up and I was put in a room. The baby was in the nursery. I stayed in 4 days since the baby had jaundice and I was breast feeding her.

We finally arrived home with K1 and we go in her room and the cat is in the crib. We went to put the baby in and the cat freaked and never bothered the crib again.

K1 was born the day after her father’s birthday. I tried.

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Screwy Crib – (non-fiction)

These are true stories I am writing and labeling Non-Fiction. Please remember all names (if mentioned) are changed to protect the not so innocents involved. Except mine. I am the proud owner of this blog and these are my true stories.

Screwy Crib

by Teresa Dean Smeigh

Once our first child was born we made the trip from North Carolina, MCAS Cherry Point, to my mother-in-law’s house in southern New Jersey to visit the family for the weekend. It was about a 10 hour trip. Hard to do on a weekend, but we made the trip quite often. This was our first trip with our new born and we didn’t have the small netted playpens they have now. So my mother-in-law pulled out an old hard crib the size of a bassinet. It used to be “A’s” crib when he was born. “K1″ was small and that was perfect for her. My now ex-husband put it together.

We went upstairs to go to bed. We changed her, fed her and put her in the crib and we took the bed.

Sometime during the night she started screaming and wouldn’t shut up. He picked her up and cuddled her and she wasn’t wet or hungry so he laid her back down.

Now his mom was yelling, “what is going on up there?”

So my ex grabbed the crib and shook it and screamed “SHUT UP!”

The mattress fell right down through the crib and hit the floor. Baby shut up and never made another peep that night. She wasn’t hurt since she went down lying on the mattress and it was only about 18 inches from the floor.

I didn’t say a word during this whole fiasco. I just sat there and watched. I could see she was ok.


The Doctor (poem)

I had to go to the doctor today.

I wanted to hear what she had to say.

I wondered if she’d make my day

or she’d ruin it with nothing to say?

She opened her mouth so she could say

Take 2 pills and see me next day.


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Warrior Cat (poem)

Warrior Cat, warrior cat make that stance.

Warrior Cat, warrior cat wanna dance?

You look at me with those mean little eyes,

Which one of us will be the one that dies?


P.S. My cat is an indoor cat so she isn’t a warrior, but she was standing in the funniest stance, I couldn’t resist.


Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat (poem)

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat

Kitty cat, kitty cat go away.

Kitty cat, kitty cat go and play.

Kitty cat, kitty cat not with that!

Kitty cat, kitty cat went kersplat!

I wrote this because my cat is playing with everything in my room and on my bed and I want to sleep and she plays with things that will make her go flat if they fall on her. If I fall on her she is definitely going flat. Love my kitty cat, BUT there are times when I want to strangle her. Now she is eating and leaving me alone for a bit.


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PTSD (Non-Fiction)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

Many people who go through traumatic events have difficulty adjusting and coping for a while, but they don’t have PTSD — with time and good self-care, they usually get better. But if the symptoms get worse or last for months or even years and interfere with your functioning, you may have PTSD.

Getting effective treatment after PTSD symptoms develop can be critical to reduce symptoms and improve function.

 At the age of 15 I had a regular babysitting job with a family that had 2 little children and a 13 year old boy. They didn’t want to tie their teen boy down to babysitting every Friday and Saturday. For a while the job was great, but then one night the boy came home with a friend and they had been drinking and decided to try and rape me. I managed to get away and lock myself and the 2 little ones in the bathroom til they left. I never told anyone and to this day I can’t even remember if I went back.

At the age of 16 I had a 22 year old boyfriend. Bad news and my parents weren’t happy with it, but they knew that forbidding it would just lead to me sneaking out instead. Well they were right, he was bad news. He took me to a party, tried to get me drunk, he was drunk and tried to rape me. I managed to get away again. He was too drunk to hold on to me. I found another ride home, but that was even closer than the 2 young boys.

At the age of 17 I had another boyfriend and you would think I would have learned something, but this was slightly different. He didn’t physically try to rape me, he emotionally raped me. He told me that if I didn’t have sex with him that we would break up and we had just gotten back together. I couldn’t handle the rejection and gave in. I hated him and myself. He ruined our relationship at that point because that was worse than the 2 other attempts. I was not ready to lose my virginity, but felt I had no choice. Blackmail is an ugly thing. I didn’t want to be touched by that point. It disgusted me.

September 11, 2001 – The Twin Towers Tragedy. To this day I am still terrified every time I see and hear a plane and since I live near an airport and the planes are constantly flying over I cringe and wait for the explosion. I didn’t know how it was going to be when we flew to Florida a few years ago. I managed though. It just seems to be watching them and hearing them fly over that does it.

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New born 4 month old? (non-fiction)

I know I am jumping around with these stories and I am sorry, but I have to write them when my mind remembers them or I will forget again and they are coming out in no particular order. 

New Born 4 Month Old? – by Teresa Smeigh

The first 4 years of my marriage to my now ex-husband was in the Marine Corps. One of the reasons for joining was so we could have a family. We were very poor and no health insurance and we had just gotten married so the Navy didn’t want him, hence the Marine Corps. They didn’t care one way or the other. The Navy actually told us to cancel the wedding and the whole thing was set up and invitations sent out.

I was afraid he would agree at first because the Navy is where he wanted to go. Well he picked the right choice at the time and we got married. We married in July and he left in December a few days after Christmas. They let him wait til after Christmas at least.

I was alone in our tiny attic apartment and had no money except what I made working part time in Wanamakers in the new mall. I had no food so all the weight I gained after I got married came off and I started to run, well after I walked for a while. I was eventually able to run around the huge block we lived on. My parents fed me on the days I worked since I was in their area.

Finally came boot camp graduation (almost 3 months for Marines). I went to Parris Island with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I didn’t recognize him at first. All the guys were shaved bald and it was hard to tell them apart. We finally got together and he was surprise at my weight loss and firmed up body. I only weighed about 100 lbs when we got married and then gained a ton. I was back to my pre-marriage weight.

We lived in a trailer park during his schooling and then since he was first in his class he could choose duty stations first. We decided on North Carolina as it was on the east coast. Many of them were overseas.

We went searching for another trailer park at Cherry Point because that is where he chose. No base housing available yet. We found a rundown disgusting mobile home close to base. The disgusting part is for another story. We weren’t there long before base housing became available which is a good thing since I was pregnant by that time.

It wasn’t fancy, but it was nice enough and had 2 bedrooms and room in the kitchen for washer and dryer. The back door opened to the driveway and the front door was on a nice tree lined path for walking.

We decided to paint and I was trying, but my big belly was in the way and I painted the front of my shirt by leaning too close to the wall.

In the very first mobile home park we had gotten a black kitten. As we set the nursery up my kitten thought it would sleep in the crib. We tried to break the habit, but he continued to sleep there.

Finally it was baby time. We had friends and one of them had a 4 month old baby. They came to the hospital to visit and  brought the baby with them. We weren’t too happy about that, but at least she was sleeping.

However, she woke up and began screaming. The mother tried to shut her up, but she wouldn’t stop. Would you believe all 3 of them ran from my room and left me with the screaming baby. How was I supposed to explain my newborn looking like a 4 month old baby?? I was freaking out, but didn’t dare leave the baby alone. Everyone involved was lucky we didn’t get caught.

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4-wheeler fun… (non-fiction)

We had a 4-wheeler and the kids loved it. We lived back on a lake with plenty of woods and trails to ride through. Usually they were fighting over it or trying to get it away from their dad. This day dad was washing the vehicles and I don’t remember where the girls were. So our son who was under 12 years old was riding it.

All of a sudden he comes tearing up the long dirt road and swerves into our driveway at the end and stops it and jumps off and runs into the garage and then into the house. My husband and I looked at each other wondering what was going on. Just then a cop car comes down the dirt road, stops and looks the 4-wheeler over. He then gets out of the car and walks over to us.

He wanted to know who had been riding it because it fit the description of the complaint they received. My husband yelled at our son to get outside. He comes haltingly out of the house.

He asked the cop what happened? It seems that a 4-wheeler fitting that description had been out on the regular road and doing donuts and stuff. If ridden on the road it needed a plate and insurance, which we didn’t have. He was supposed to be on the trails through the woods next to our house.

The cop then seriously looked at my son and said, “Son, we have a complaint filed from the people on the other road saying that you were riding up and down the road and doing donuts. If that complaint is filed than you will not get your license until you are 21 years old.”

My husband assured him he would take care of it and headed over to talk to the people. Thankfully he was able to get them to drop the complaint. That didn’t get him out of punishment though. No 4-wheeler riding for quite some time.

Now if the kid had been smart he would have hid the 4-wheeler in the garage and not himself. The cop would have probably just continued driving.


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The Con Man and Me… (non-fiction) – Part 3

After he left I went to bed. He was supposed to work the midnight shift.

Over the next few days he never came home, didn’t call, didn’t answer my calls or the other tenants. They were coming to me with problems.

Now I had finally met the owner, but he still thought I lived upstairs. All of a sudden he came to the apartment and caught my son and I there and wondered what was going on and where was “P”?

Well things started to fall apart fast. We all told him what we knew and the owner started to think I was in collusion with “P” and I said no I didn’t know what he was doing. He told us he was part owner. The owner said no he wasn’t. Well then it all started to come out. All the deals he made. The money he was hiding and using. I was scared to death. This guy was a big fancy DC lawyer.

We all went to the police and filed a report. The only thing the police really cared about was could my son say he molested him. They had several complaints. My son said no. They couldn’t change his mind. They lost interest, but the owner filed a suit against him because he lost almost $100,000. Ours were attached but of no significance to the police.

As the owner worked through all the bills and stuff he found out that he hadn’t paid anything in months and the utilities were about to turn off. I suddenly had a electric bill to pay, the cable went off. I couldn’t afford that huge apartment and he wasn’t honoring anything about we had all paid rent to “P”. He brought someone in and he lived with us for a bit to manage the place, but I had to find a place to go because the rent he wanted and the fact I would have to share the apartment with this other man was not cool for me. He threw the kids in the basement out.

I started packing my belongings and found “P” took nothing with him that didn’t fit in his gym bag. That was why he was getting rid of papers. I found a letter from his wife who he owed money to for the kids he demanded so no one would know he was gay and he did something the federal government wanted him for as well. So he ran.

That is how we ended up with my mom and dad. My son had 2 years of high school to go through still.

Eventually he was caught and I went to the sentencing for closure. He looked nothing like the man I knew. I got nothing back and filed for bankruptcy. I won’t go into all the things he actually did to others there and on the job.

Have I learned anything? Yes and no. I am still too far trusting, but just a little more cautious.




The Con Man and Me… (non-fiction) – Part 2

Now I agreed, but the ex was a little iffy about it. I said look, I have no room for him. It is the same house and I have access to that apartment so I can check on him when he wasn’t with me. So he finally agreed. The only thing I didn’t tell him was that “P” was gay. It didn’t bother me or my son, but my ex is a different story.

“P” started to give my son more and more items. He was buying him all kinds of things I couldn’t even begin to get him. During the summer my son turned 16. He said my present was the best he ever got. I got him a cell phone and now he would leave the house since he was always afraid he would miss a call.

“P” was still buying him all kinds of things and he did lots for all the tenants and seemed like the kindest, giving man you could ever know. I thought he was great and even my son was beginning to think of him as the father he didn’t think he had. My son and his father just weren’t getting along and that included the live-in girlfriend. Plus “P” was giving him everything under the sun.

Fall was approaching and I had trouble enrolling him in school since he demanded to live with me and I didn’t have custody. He told his father that he wasn’t coming back to live with him and if he tried to force  him he would run away and go to court and say he wanted to live with his mom. I wasn’t worried about it anymore since things were going so well where we were and I hardly had to provide food or anything so it wasn’t a burden for me anymore. He finally agreed and signed the papers allowing him to attend school there with me.

We were all settled in and then “P” said that one of the guys that shared his apartment was leaving and he had an extra room. It would be less expensive for me and I would be in the same apartment and we all got along well. That was the final step I thought to happiness. Boy was I mistaken.

He told me if I wanted to make my rent even less expensive he would offer me the same deal as the other guy in the connecting apartment. It was a good deal and so I got the money together and gave it to him and my rent was paid for so many years and he even put it on the receipt. Clueless, told you I was naive, he told me that he was subletting my apartment and I would make the monthly payments and he would pay me back. Turns out he was not the owner of the property. Some of you may see where this is all going.

In the meantime he told the owner that a couple apartments were empty and he was renovating them. Instead he rented them out and kept the money. Now he had all this money and he always was able to look generous, but he was using other people’s money.

Now I have paid him for the downstairs room, the original apartment and he always had an excuse as to why he couldn’t pay me back that month. I was busy running up my credit cards to an astounding amount. He was supposed to buy all the food and cook it. Well he did with all of our money.

Then my son started telling me that when they went to the store he bought an item and took the receipt and snuck back in and got another item of the same kind and returned it with the receipt of the first item. Therefore getting the item for free. I didn’t like my son exposed to that.

The “P” started telling me my son was drinking and lying and sneaking in and out and this didn’t sound like my son, but I let it slide.

“P” and I both had birthdays in the fall close together. He gave me all these wonderful gifts and I was actually happy for one of the rare instances I wasn’t depressed.

When Christmas came up, I actually had a ball shopping for “P”. We got a tree and all new ornaments. It was a wonderful Christmas and I was again very happy. My son was thrilled with everything he got.

Next thing I knew he started to renting out the basement to homeless people and taking advantage of them. He provided them with meals so we cooked larger amounts. I turned my head to all of this. I didn’t know what to do.

He started staying away. I had to now buy all the food for all of us and the renters downstairs and cook it. I didn’t have the money to provide the kind of meals he was always making.

He was a nurse and changed jobs alot. He did private duty for children who couldn’t do for themselves.

April he started cleaning all his paperwork out. I didn’t think anything of it. I was cleaning mine as well. About a week later he says to me I have a new job and I start tonight. He went out, came home and told me he had had an accident and the guy wouldn’t report it if he paid him several hundred dollars in cash and could I please lend it to him. So I gave him what I had and he left for work.

Stay tuned for part 3


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The Con Man and Me… (non-fiction) – Part 1

Now this is either going to be a very long story or one I have to break up in pieces.  This was a stressful situation even at the beginning. I hate admitting I was fooled by a con man, but I am naive and shit happens.

During our separation my ex-husband and I had to stay in the same house. We couldn’t afford two places. We couldn’t afford lawyers and went to a do-it-yourself company that takes your filled out questionnaires and then types up all the legal papers and tells you what to do. All you pay is the typing fee and the court’s fees. My ex demanded custody of our son who was 12. Our 2 girls were adults by then.

I didn’t think that was unreasonable because I thought a son should be with his father and I couldn’t afford to support even myself which scared the living daylights out of me. He even said he wouldn’t demand child support. Good on that because I didn’t make much and he made over twice what I did.

I found out later when he nastily told me that if I had said no then he was going to court and tell them I was crazy (my Bipolar Disorder was bad at the time) and demand custody of his son.

This came from someone with violent rages. However I was the only one who had been to a Psychiatrist and on medication. He told me I embarrassed him.

I had visitation rights of course and I had him every other weekend and most of the summer. He has to move far away so we had to meet halfway between us. By this time my oldest daughter and I had found a duplex to rent together and so we only spent about 2 months after the divorce living all together in one house. We finally had to make the break. We only had 2 bedrooms so my son had to sleep on the couch.

After a few years my daughter wanted to live there with her boyfriend and I had to move out. I had no idea how this was going to work because I still made very little and had no one to share with anymore. I went to work at a job I recently had returned to and at lunchtime someone stopped by and asked if I had found anywhere yet. I said no not yet and someone listening to our conversation said he knew of a place near by work. He gave me the contact information and I called and was told to come over. I took my daughter with me.

Now it was the attic apartment in this huge old Victorian house. There were 8 or so apartments in there. There were actually 2 in the attic. The apartment had one bedroom and was very tiny, but the rent for this town is outrageous so I was surprised how low it was. Still more than I really could afford, but I wasn’t going to find better and I was working 2 jobs, had been since we moved into the duplex on our own. The bad thing was that it was 3 floors up. As I said the house was huge.

My daughter and I discussed it and I ended up putting in a deposit. We set the time of the move with the guy because he said he wanted to be there when I moved in.

The day arrived and my daughter, her boyfriend and a couple of his friends with a mover’s truck and experience loaded me up and we headed over at the appointed time.  The landlord wasn’t there and we were blocking a single lane street so we just started moving things in. Good thing these guys were movers because getting it up all the stairs that wound around each floor and the smaller ones leading to the two top apartments would have been impossible for the average person without experience. The landlord was fussing about not being there, but he was the one that set the time and we also had to get the truck back.

Now I had a small apartment with boxes stuffed everywhere. So was the furniture. I moved things around, but it was tight. The landlord gave me some shelves in a closet to put some of the extra boxes of stuff I didn’t need. And then he re-arranged my furniture and the place looked bigger. Turned out he was gay and that was one of his specialties. Worked well for me.

I had told him about my son and that he would be staying occasionally and I was afraid that would be a problem with a one bedroom apartment, but he said it didn’t matter to him.

We started seeing each other every day. He encouraged my son when he visited and gave him money for doing side jobs. By the time summer came we were all close and did a lot like a family would except he and I weren’t sexually active since I was the wrong sex. People thought we were a family around town. He said since it was so tight upstairs that he had an extra room in his apartment my son could stay in. Things seemed ok and it was the same building just 2 floors down. So I agreed.

I am going to stop this here because this is getting long. Watch for Part 2.


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Fathers and Daughters…Non-fiction

I don’t know about others, but my father has always terrified me. Even as a full grown grandmom, he still scares me. I live in his house and he is my father and I am the daughter. The dynamic is still there on both of our parts. He tells me what to do as if I am still a little child and since he is always confused and forgets I get the same sermon time after time. Now I can’t blame the man completely since he is 83 years old, but still it aggravates the hell out of me. Getting mad at him and yelling back does nothing because he forgets it.

Now one that is really getting on my nerves is the fact that I have sensitive eyes and can’t read in bright light. It was the same way when I was a child. I understand this is part of the Fibromyalgia. All my childhood I got yelled at for not putting on enough light in his eyes.

Now I get nastily, “You know you can put that light on. I shouldn’t have to tell you.”

I tell him, “Dad it is just enough light for me, my eyes are sensitive to bright light and hurt.”

Now sometimes he doesn’t even REMIND me he just turns the light on high.

We do this game over and over again.  I finally stopped reading downstairs where he is because I was about to go ballistic on him.



Kicked out of Class (non-fiction)

Kicked out of Class – by Teresa Smeigh

I have mentioned before that I was a goody-two-shoes most of the time, but there were times when you had to watch out. I think now after all this time that I was in a manic phase when I would act out. Otherwise I was pretty quiet, but there were times when I had no control over my actions.

Now you might have read my kindergarten story of my stubbornness and acting out. Well this one is when I was older and involved my sibling.

In high school we both took a German course. My sibling just went along with it, but I was disturbed that we weren’t learning anything just memorizing for a test. I started acting out and talking all through the class. The teacher would constantly ask me to be quiet. Then she would move me. So I would get up and walk across the room and slam my books on the desk.

After several days of this the teacher called my mom and said I have a problem with Tessa.  My mom said you have to be wrong she is the good one. The teacher said no it was definitely Tessa and told her what I did. I did get yelled at for doing it, but my mom asked her whys she didn’t just move the other person if I was always doing that? Good point!


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Standing in a corner! (non-fiction)

Standing in a Corner – by Teresa Smeigh

I was definitely a goody-two-shoes when I was younger. I was mostly terrified of getting in trouble and it didn’t happen often because I didn’t want to be punished. So of the 3 of us I was usually the better behaved.

Now the one thing I was guilty of was siding with either my brother or my sister in a situation. I was the oldest and I guess they just never thought to gang up on me.

Anyhow one day in Kindergarten (6 years old) I was told to not do something. I wish I could remember what it was at this point, but the memory of the exact circumstances eludes me. Now I might be a goody-two-shoes, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t be stubborn when I wanted to. And I do mean stubborn. I would forget about getting in trouble when my mind was made up.

I was yelled at to stop doing whatever it was and I smartly told her NO! This stunned her because I was always a good, respectful kid.

Then she ordered me to the corner. Again I told her NO!

She practically dragged me over to the corner and I was told to stay. I stayed, but my face was not facing the corner. She finally gave up. She probably figured she made as much progress as she was going to in the situation.


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The Swing Set – (Non-Fiction)

Anyhow here is a short story of when I was little, remember names changed to protect the innocent (ha,ha,ha). I was too little to remember this. This is my parents’ memories.

Swing Set

“John where is Tessa?” Carol was tearing around the house looking for her, but she couldn’t find her anywhere.

“She has to be here. How could she get out of the house?” John starts searching now.

They happen to look out the window and see Tessa walking across the top of the swing set. John starts running to the door, but Carol stops him, “If you scare her she will fall. Wait til she gets to the other side.”

Nervously they watch her progress across the swing set. She is so small and balancing on the top bar. She finally hits the end of the bar and climbs down.

John and Carol run outside to scold her and to stop her trying it again. Just last week they found she had climbed out of the crib and up the side of the chest of drawers and was standing on top wiggling around inches from the window.



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Darkness is not My Friend

Darkness is not My Friend —– by Teresa Dean Smeigh

Nightmares during the night or day,

Cannot keep the demons at bay.

I always dread the coming night

I have to sleep with a light.

Darkness is not my friend

I wish it all were to end!

This poem came to me upon waking up. Sometimes they are just there and have to come out.



Spring…snow????? I want out of this room! 2 Poems


This is from my other blog “Tessa Can Do It” @

Originally posted on Tessa Can Do IT!:

Taken by Teresa Dean Smeigh in a local park. Taken by Teresa Dean Smeigh in a local park.

First day of Spring

The sun’s warm glow,

But this year is different

We get snow!

When the season changes to Spring.

The flowers bloom, the birds sing.

The woods are cool and dark

Or give me a nice sunny park.


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