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Eyes Left – (Non-Fiction)

Eyes Left   The Marine behind the desk was not amused when my husband went to check into his new duty station for his training after boot camp and was followed by me.   “Who is that?”   “My wife, … Continue reading

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Hospital Stays – Haiku Friday

       My skin is purple.     IV’s, blood draws, sleepless nights.     Let me go home please! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haiku Friday. This is based on recent hospital stay. Tessa

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Our Favorite Place

Our Favorite Place Before the fog had burned off, I was sitting under the trees waiting for Eric. He had asked me to meet him this morning in our favorite spot so he could show me something. I was so excited. … Continue reading

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  Waves rush in quickly. Parents and children swimming.  No one sees the shark. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For right now, the only rule is – if you link your post and it doesn’t contain a Haiku, the link will be removed. Surprisingly, … Continue reading

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Colorful Candy! Choices I cannot resist. Smack my fingers please! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Light and Shade Challenge! Challenge – Monday 5th May 2014 This  is my first entry to this challenge — Tessa Plus: This is also for Haiku Friday on May … Continue reading

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Precarious Perch

  Precarious Perch, Gripping for my sanity, Must not let it go. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           This is my second Haiku and I wrote it for Haiku Friday (May 9) and Studio30 Plus (as my first entry on … Continue reading

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Sculpture Troubles

  Hours were spent making a candle to give to her best friend for her wedding. Ginny had created a small bride and groom to stand side by side. They even resembled Rory and Sue. She left it on the … Continue reading

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My First Haiku – Haiku Friday

  Darkness falls quickly.   The sun drops below the trees   As the moon rises. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my very first Haiku. Hopefully I counted the syllables right. Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view … Continue reading

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