Temp Jobs and Agencies – Haiku

Temp Jobs and Agencies


Temporary Jobs,

Constantly moving from one

To another one.

Published in honor of my son and his many years of spending time in temporary agencies and spending a lot of time changing jobs. He left a permanent well-paying job because he hated the company politics and welding. So he joins temp agencies and what is he doing? Welding for a lot less money. He had plans to be a personal in-home personal trainer and he has a certificate, but jumping into a job like that won’t be easy.


About Tessa

Teresa (Tessa) Smeigh at 60 plus is still going strong despite her disabilities affecting both physical and mental abilities. She has bipolar disorder (mental), Fibromyalgia (nerves), degenerative disc disease (spine), and arthritis (joints). Her new journey's include Diabetes controlled by insulin. She is also working on 2 fiction books (mysteries). The books will probably never be finished. She keeps her blog filled with useful content, occasional devotionals (She is a Christian), stories and poems. Plenty to keep you busy. She has also been interviewed by blogs and had other posts published on many different blogs. She is from Southern, NJ. Her family and blog keep her busy.
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9 Responses to Temp Jobs and Agencies – Haiku

  1. Sorry, Tessa 😦 That must be quite frustrating but I appreciate his integrity as well ❤


  2. bhatmahesht says:

    Many times politics within company become unbearable.


    • Tessa says:

      Yes they do and so I understand why he left that big company. I just wish he could find his calling and settle into something and not constantly changing jobs. It bothers me more than him.

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  3. just chill, mom; had to learn that with my son


  4. Ugh, that’s tough! I hope he achieves his dream!


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