#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I Am Sick (not me, her)

#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I Am Sick


If we were having coffee this weekend I would tell you how ecstatic I am that I finally found someone to write my psychiatric medication before I ran out and went into withdrawal. I was irritated, scared and getting myself into a real tizzy.

If we were having coffee this weekend I would tell you how I had to give in and make an appointment with a podiatrist for my sore foot. I have been limping wildly around since I can’t put my weight on it.

I would tell you how I had to spend an hour getting evaluated by the intern in the office of the APN nurse so that I could get my medication. Nothing like going over and over you life story.

I would also tell you that I had my therapy appointment and she wants me to journal. Like real journaling, the stuff in my head that I don’t write here. Believe it or not I don’t share everything on here although it doesn’t seem that way if you have been reading my whole blog for a long time. She may be sorry she asked.

I would tell you I have never done so much writing in my life as this month. There is so much going on that I have missed a lot of my story prompt writing. I can’t do everything and write for the therapist and read a few of the blogs as well.

I would tell you that I hope you feel better soon.



About Tessa

Teresa (Tessa) Smeigh is now in her 60's and still going strong despite her disabilities affecting both physical and mental abilities. She has bipolar disorder (mental), Fibromyalgia (nerves), degenerative disc disease (spine), and arthritis (joints). Despite that she is active in Mental Health Advocating, writing for www.IBPF.org (volunteer for non-profit) and has 5 blog posts already published by them. She is also working on 2 fiction books (mysteries). She keeps her blog filled with useful content, daily devotionals (She is a Christian), stories and poems. Plenty to keep you busy. She has also been interviewed by blogs and had other posts published on many different blogs. She has 3 blogs so far http://www.tessacandoit.com and http://www.finallyawriter.com and http://www.sunnythoughtsandprayers.wordpress.com She is from Deptford, NJ. Her family and blogs keep her busy.
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5 Responses to #WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I Am Sick (not me, her)

  1. roweeee says:

    Hi Tessa,
    Hope things pick up for you. I haven’t kept up with my journaling that much since writing my blog and while my blog is very personal, it is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It is public writing and I don’t share much about my husband and kids who are entitled to their privacy. That said, there are quite a few photos but nothing that would embarrass.
    This means that I also need to get that private journaling going so I can vent as well as record our private moments.
    So I wish you all the best and I think I’d also better get started.
    xx Rowena

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    • Tessa says:

      Thanks Rowena! I didn’t think at first I would have that much to write in a journal that isn’t in here, but I was wrong. I can’t post my real feelings on here. No one appears to be reading from my family, but they certainly might. Once I got started I kept writing like crazy. Several days worth now. Good luck!

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      • roweeee says:

        Thanks very much, Tessa. I certainly feel I need that outlet as my thoughts can spiral and escalate so easily. Plus, there are those private things you want to remember and revisit as well xx Rowena

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  2. Ula says:

    I’m a big believer in journalling for mental health. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for the coffee. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and a great week ahead.

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    • Tessa says:

      Thank you! I journal a lot in my blog, but I don’t go completely deep as there are certain things I worry about family seeing. She wants my true feelings so she will get them and I don’t remember much over the 2 week wait so this way she will have everything in black and white.

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