Beauty and the Bipolar Beast

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Beauty and the Bipolar Beast  by Teresa Smeigh December 2015

Non-fiction Poem/I have Bipolar Disorder


The Bipolar Beast is deep in my brain.

The biggest problem is letting it reign.

It’s guidance isn’t trustworthy at the best of times.

Manic/Depressive could use some rhymes.

The Bipolar Beast shouldn’t be left alone.

For it will do things for which it can’t atone.

The Bipolar Beast can be creative.

Where are ours we sound so plaintive.

You must look for you may find

Writing within a creative mind.



About Tessa

Teresa (Tessa) Smeigh at 60 plus is still going strong despite her disabilities affecting both physical and mental abilities. She has bipolar disorder (mental), Fibromyalgia (nerves), degenerative disc disease (spine), and arthritis (joints). Her new journey's include Diabetes controlled by insulin. She is also working on 2 fiction books (mysteries). The books will probably never be finished. She keeps her blog filled with useful content, occasional devotionals (She is a Christian), stories and poems. Plenty to keep you busy. She has also been interviewed by blogs and had other posts published on many different blogs. She is from Southern, NJ. Her family and blog keep her busy.
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7 Responses to Beauty and the Bipolar Beast

  1. pseudonymous says:

    Like a Greek Tragedy


  2. Nicely written Tessa💞💗🌷🌻❄⛄🌋


  3. FLO says:

    Creative mind? check
    Good writing? check!
    I think it’s a gift to be able to invent things that never were and you keep on doing that in your blogs! Yep. I think you’re creative. See you tomorrow for brunch!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A.L. Mabry says:

    Thank you for sharing your perspective. As the parent of a child with bipolar disorder, my point of view is always limited to the outside. I look forward to the day when my daughter is comfortable enough to bring her beast into the light with others.


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