Just Jot It January 10th – 2016 (sane)

Just Jot It January 10th – 2016 (sane)JJJ 2016Now I am a person with several mental disorders, one of which is Bipolar Disorder and another being Borderline Personality Disorder. Others not necessary to bore you with now.

I do not consider myself insane. I am as sane as most of the so-called normals. Sure I have my moments or episodes, but they don’t make me insane. I have been hospitalized yes, but not constrained as they would someone they didn’t consider sane enough to walk into the hospital without constraints.

I think you can have mental disorders and not be insane. Sane is subjective anyhow. Who decides who is sane and who is not. I haven’t asked my therapist if she thinks I am sane or insane. I doubt she would think I am insane.



About Tessa

Teresa (Tessa) Smeigh is now in her 60's and still going strong despite her disabilities affecting both physical and mental abilities. She has bipolar disorder (mental), Fibromyalgia (nerves), degenerative disc disease (spine), and arthritis (joints). Despite that she is active in Mental Health Advocating, writing for www.IBPF.org (volunteer for non-profit) and has 5 blog posts already published by them. She is also working on 2 fiction books (mysteries). She keeps her blog filled with useful content, daily devotionals (She is a Christian), stories and poems. Plenty to keep you busy. She has also been interviewed by blogs and had other posts published on many different blogs. She has 3 blogs so far http://www.tessacandoit.com and http://www.finallyawriter.com and http://www.sunnythoughtsandprayers.wordpress.com She is from Deptford, NJ. Her family and blogs keep her busy.
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10 Responses to Just Jot It January 10th – 2016 (sane)

  1. Meredith says:

    Keep on writing. I pray you will have peace and continue to use your creative writing to help those that read your blog.


  2. Izrael says:

    Sending all my love to you. I don’t think anyone would have the right to determine whether someone is insane or not 🙂


  3. There is a thin line between sane and insane, I know as I’ve walked it all my life. You are a big help to me and everyone else who reads your regular posts as well as all the other posts on your other blogs. Please don’t underestimate your worth to us, Tessa we love you so much more than you will probably ever know.


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