FFfAW-Week of January 19, 2016

FFfAW-Week of January 19, 2016

This week's photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller's Abode.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode.

Apt House BeachSunny Day on the Beach

By Teresa Smeigh January 2016

It was a hot day on the local beach and available space on the sand was starting to fill up. Lance and Sue were near the water’s edge and were just settling in when they noticed a toddler with a saggy diaper and nothing else, toddling into the water.

Finally Lance was sure the baby was alone. He scooped her up and took her to the life guard stand before something serious happened. No one came looking for a toddler.

They called beach control and the police. By the time they arrived a woman was screaming help from across the beach at the apartment house. A policewoman went over to investigate. She was the baby’s mother and she had fallen asleep and the baby let itself out.

The woman was arrested for neglect and the child taken by child services.




About Tessa

My name is Tessa Dean and I am an author and blogger. My writing styles vary and I love writing using prompts. I am also writing my first book, a Memoir entitled "Government Property - A Memoir of a Military Wife".  This is being published on the blog rather than the traditional way. I am putting up chapters as I go along. I keep my blog filled with useful content, stories, and poems. Plenty to keep you busy. I have also been interviewed by blogs and had other posts published on many different blogs. I also wrote a series of articles on Bipolar Disorder for IBPF (International Bipolar Foundation). I am in my 60’s and disabled which allows me plenty of time to write to my heart’s content. I live in southern New Jersey and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. My oldest grandchild is a Sargent in the United States Marine Corps.
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29 Responses to FFfAW-Week of January 19, 2016

  1. It’s a good thing they caught the toddler before he/she drowned! Hopefully, the mother will be given parenting lessons! Nice story Tessa.

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  2. Great story, scary reality though.

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  3. Oh mind! What a parent! She ought to be taught a lesson. 🙂


  4. Jon Stephens says:

    Yikes. I have fears of forgetting my kid in the car sometimes. Falling asleep… Must be horrible! Great story!

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  5. It was a good thing that somebody noticed the child, I am glad it got taken away from the mother in the end.

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  6. A mother who doesn’t notice when her child has run off like that probably doesn’t deserve to be a mother. Good story!

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  7. mandibelle16 says:

    Wow exciting story, How scary to have your child take off like that. I know it’s hard being a mother but you really do have to watch them when they like to scurry all over the place. They can go quite far with tiny feet. I’m glad the toddler was okay and even though the mother was being neglectful. I don’t think she meant it. I hope she learns so in the future she can have her child back and be a better mother. Great job writing.

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  8. afairymind says:

    I feel quite sorry for the mother in this. Toddlers can be escape artists at times. I hope she learns a few lessons and manages to get her little one back. Good story. 🙂

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  9. samratkel says:

    it is summer in NZ so this is a great reminder of the hazards in being inattentive of those we love.


  10. Graham Lawrence says:

    It makes me sad knowing that this occurs only too often … Nice story

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  11. Some children manage to figure out how to get out of the most complicated situations. CPA isn’t understanding of that. They call it neglect but sometimes it’s just a very rambuncious child.
    This is a story that begs dialog. Well done …!!!
    Isadora 😎

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    • Tessa says:

      Thank you. Children are very smart. Soon baby shower gifts will include a smart phone. My daughter said her child got into her smart phone and that was locked. She didn’t think about her watching her. She was very young and ordered stuff she liked.

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  12. Enjoyed reading! When you wrote about the saggy diaper I thought it was going in a different direction. 😉 Thanks for posting.

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  13. Good story. Heavy penalty for the mother but it could have ended in the death of the baby. Glad the baby was saved.

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