Our Write Side – February 14, 2017

I wrote this last week for another prompt and I think it also fits “Wicked Meandering” and so I am combining them with a few changes.

Our Write Side’s Master Class

Light and Shade Challenge


Image from WikiCommons, taken by Miroslav Olszewski and used under the Creative Commons Agreement

*********Rules Below*********

Wicked Meandering

by Teresa Smeigh February 2017

Large meadows, a stand of trees and mountains in the distance. This is the village Gracie and Joanie decided to visit first. They planned to hike the area, meandering wherever they wanted to go.

The villagers weren’t happy. They tried to talk them out of it, but the girls were determined to hike the area and explore.

The Villagers insisted they stay on the main road only. They tried to stop them one more time and then they shut up. The girls made it clear they were going. They left the situation with a sort of ANXIOUS PEACE.

They started early the next morning. Carefully cleaning up their camp site before they left.

The flowers in the meadow were exquisite. It seemed like all the colors in the rainbow.

They walked for a while before they spotted a building off in the distance. They had already forgotten the rules the villagers set. They walked a little further looking for a path over there. They were going even if they had to walk through the flowers.

Eventually they came across a small break in the meadow. It seemed to head towards the building. So off they started.

As they came close they noticed this must be the back of the building as there was only one window with bars on it. Continuing their sightseeing they came closer to the building. They slowed down and snapped a few pictures of the back and then headed around the building to the front.

As they came around the corner they were met with a guy aiming a gun at them. They stopped immediately and looked at each other. They glanced at the front and there was a door and another window with bars on it.

Gracie started to ask if they could look inside and he told her to be quiet and listen. Trespassers were unwelcome and would be dealt with accordingly.

Both girls looked at the gun uneasily. They wondered what he meant.

“You have breached the end of the world,” he said. “Your choices are to be shot after my friends hunt you down and bring you back or you can step inside the building and take your chances with what was inside.”

They looked at each other, tired and dirty. Maybe they could wash up in there. Maybe there was a friendly woman inside. They chose the building.

Stepping over the threshold, there was a sudden flash and bang and the girls were gone.

Agar, the village head, said, “They didn’t listen and wondered off. Why don’t they listen? Why must they all WICKEDLY MEANDER when warned?”

The booms continued as the girls moved from dimension to dimension. Gone forever.


The rules:

  1. Read the prompts.
  2. Write a story answering the prompt. This can mean you use the prompt as your title, somewhere in your story, or as the idea.
  3. Please share the prompt you chose.
  4. Share the url to your story in the comments OR, if you don’t have your own blog, share your story in the comments. Either way, it will be promoted.
  5. Please keep your stories pg-13 or under since this is a public page. Add trigger warnings where necessary. Keep vulgarity to a minimum.
  6. Think outside the box. These prompts are meant to challenge you.
  7. Have FUN!

Your prompts for this week:

  1. Wicked Meandering
  2. Professional Dummy
  3. Anxious Peace


Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

-Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses

-Author of Articles, Stories and Poems




About Tessa

My name is Tessa Dean and I am an author and blogger. My writing styles vary and I love writing using prompts. I am also writing my first book, a Memoir entitled "Government Property - A Memoir of a Military Wife".  This is being published on the blog rather than the traditional way. I am putting up chapters as I go along. I keep my blog filled with useful content, stories, and poems. Plenty to keep you busy. I have also been interviewed by blogs and had other posts published on many different blogs. I also wrote a series of articles on Bipolar Disorder for IBPF (International Bipolar Foundation). I am in my 60’s and disabled which allows me plenty of time to write to my heart’s content. I live in southern New Jersey and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. My oldest grandchild is a Sargent in the United States Marine Corps.
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10 Responses to Our Write Side – February 14, 2017

  1. lyssamedana says:

    That’s an unexpected twist! Thank you for sharing this. Lyssa M x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. FLO says:

    Good job! Perhaps, the beginning of a new sci-fi book?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Visiting you by way of Dray’s Meet and Greet and read your story. Yikes!


  4. Stephanie says:

    You definitely move to the head of the class using 2 prompts! Well done, Tessa! I’ve missed you!

    Liked by 1 person

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