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The Baby is due today…Oh no it isn’t…Is…Isn’t (Non-fiction)

My first 2 children were born in a North Carolina military base. At that time the OB was downstairs in the offices and at night they rolled the charts upstairs for any overnight births. With my 2nd baby she was … Continue reading

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My other blog is going well, see link below.

http://www.tessacandoit.com I am a mental health advocate with a religious outlook on life. See my daily devotions, daily gratitude lists and religious songs along with my outlook on my physical and mental disorders of many kinds.  

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Writing 101 – Day 3 – One-word inspiration

Prompts come in many different forms. Sometimes, a single word is all you need to get your mind’s wheels turning. Here are six words: HOPE REGRET HOME CHOICE ABUNDANCE SECRET Select one word in this list that speaks to you … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone – prompt by the Daily Post

Comfort Zone What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?  _____________________________________________ I am not a spontaneous person. I have to prepare and plan right down to the very last thing. I made lists of things we needed … Continue reading

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Standing in a corner! (non-fiction)

Standing in a Corner – by Teresa Smeigh I was definitely a goody-two-shoes when I was younger. I was mostly terrified of getting in trouble and it didn’t happen often because I didn’t want to be punished. So of the … Continue reading

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